Flow Wrapper Specialist, Automation Leader

HOPAK MACHINERY, with 30+ years in horizontal packaging, offers efficient, automated solutions for food, non-food, and pharma industries. Our expertise in advanced equipment makes us a top choice for automation needs.

30years Flow Wrapper Expertise

Since 1992, our Taiwan firm leads in horizontal packaging, serving food, non-food, and pharma with innovation and quality.

International High Quality Flow Wrapper

Hopak machines, present in 100+ countries via our global network of 27 agents, guarantee modular quality and timely maintenance responses.

Complete packaging service from materials to equipment planning

HOPAK offers customized packaging software with creative, tailored designs and diverse expertise.

Hot Product

Mask packaging machine Hot

Mask packaging machine

HOPAK's mask machine packs 1-50pcs/bag with manual/custom feeding, hitting 150 bags/min. Offers fast delivery.

Moon cake, Chinese pastry packaging machine Hot

Moon cake, Chinese pastry packaging machine

HOPAK's machine packages baking foods & mooncakes in trays, ensuring hygiene with adjustable sizes & line compatibility.

Mushroom Packaging Machine Hot

Mushroom Packaging Machine

HOPAK's Mushroom Packaging Machine ensures safe transport with box motion sealing and a gusset device for a tight seal.