Hopak Machinery- The Packaging Solution provider, Best Horizontal Flow Wrapper (HFFS) manufacturer from Taiwan.

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  • D-cam Horizontal Flow Wrapper
    D-cam Horizontal Flow Wrapper

    Suitable for bigger and higher product. Can install gusseted device. Make packaging appearance more attractive.

  • Bakery Foods Packaging Machine
    Bakery Foods Packaging Machine

    For Soft but regular product (Such as cake, onigiri, hamburger, dorayaki etc.)

  • Moon Cake/Yolk Pastry Packaging Machine
    Moon Cake/Yolk Pastry Packaging Machine

    Single/Multi pieces packaging. Can be used with deoxidizer feeding machine.Use D-cam sealing and gusseted device can make the packaging appearance tighter and more attractive.

  • Inner Tube Packaging Machine
    Inner Tube Packaging Machine

    Inner tube packaging machine. Use for big product such as inner tube. To avoid the damage cause by miscutting, sealing part has overload sensing function. The sealing is reliable.

  • Capsule Packaging Machine
    Capsule Packaging Machine

    Capsule packaging, can use with different feeding machine. Capsule, desiccant and instruction auto align&feed. Capsule feeder has counting device. Feeding units are adjustable.

Result 1 - 5 of 5

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