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Hopak has been engaging in design, R&D, production, and sale business on "High Speed Horizontal Flow Wrapper" and Automation packaging line.

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  • Capsicum/Bell Pepper Packaging Machine
    Capsicum/Bell Pepper Packaging Machine

    For the best packaging quality. We will use the plastic contact surface on the conveyor. It can reduce the frictional force.

  • Fresh Meat Packaging Machine
    Fresh Meat Packaging Machine

    Fresh fish and meat packaging.

  • Vegetable Packaging Machine
    Vegetable Packaging Machine

    Vegetable and fresh fruit packaging.

  • Mushroom Packaging Machine
    Mushroom Packaging Machine

    HOPAK Mushroom packaging machine is specialized to pack mushroom in tray which apply box motion sealing and high synchronized gusset device to complete the great and tight package outcome. Delicate mushroom usually put in plastic tray to avoid collision during transportation therefore HOPAK Mushroom packaging machine is the great fit for Mushroom product. HOPAK machine with intelligence computer system and skilled design team provide flexible packaging choice for either single unit packaging, single tray or multi-pastries in tray packaging. Human interface control system and ergonomic design optimize the packaging process suitable for either small amount and verity or mass production. Hopak professional R&D , and sales team will provide packaging solution from cohesion production, in-line system, collecting output, metal detector, weight detector,etc., and cooperation with different system as CCD (Charge Coupled Device, labeler, TTO( thermal transfer process) and so on, the flow wrapper PLC can do online integration with other production line. For further information please contact us.

Result 1 - 5 of 5

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