Envolvedora de fluxo compacta horizontal (entrega rápida)

HP-320F / Hopak has been engaging in design, R&D, production, and sale business on "High Speed Horizontal Flow Wrapper" and Automation packaging line.

Mask Packaging Machine

Mask Packaging Machine

Medical Mask (Surgical Mask) as the key role to protect us from gem and virus infection. Single or multi masks a bag will prevent the mask from transportation pollution.


Envolvedora de fluxo compacta horizontal (entrega rápida) | Fabricante de máquinas de embalagem - Hopak Machinery

Com sede em Taiwan,HOPAK MACHINERY CO., LTD.é uma embaladora de fluxo compacta horizontal (entrega rápida) | fabricante de máquinas de embalagem com mais de 30 anos de experiência. A máquina de embalagem, incluindo equipamentos de embalagem automática, máquinas de embalagem de vedação e máquinas de embalagem de fluxo, que são certificadas para atender aos padrões internacionais.

Economia de custos, 24 horas, carregamento e alimentação automáticos, máquinas de embalagem horizontal e vertical para sua seleção. A máquina de embalagem de alto desempenho embala suprimentos médicos, alimentos frescos e congelados, além de itens não alimentícios.

A Hopak Machinery oferece uma ampla variedade de embalagens de materiais com seus equipamentos de embalagem funcionais e ótimo serviço pós-venda, desde 1992.

Envolvedora de fluxo compacta horizontal (entrega rápida)



HP-320F machine with in stock label
HP-320F machine with in stock label

HP-320F machine is entry level for flow wrapper with compact design and reasonable price, suitable for packaging product simple or similar size.
Machine in stock can be delivery with 2-4weeks (all in stock machine is painted frame and all product contact area in stainless steel and plastic. If further request feel free to contact us.


  • Compact construction for reducing space and cost requirement.
  • Bag length is easy adjusted by the indicator.
  • Equipped with precision photocell sensor for tracing control.
  • Auto-stop for out of film.
  • Efficiently working performance and labor saving.
  • All product-contacted areas are in stainless steel or plastic construction.

Applicable Packaging Products

  • Masks,pet food, bread, cakes, moon cakes, instant noodles, biscuits, snacks, pastry products, productive wrapping of boxed products, candy, blisters, cosmetics products, toy industry, cards.

Optional Accessories

  • Date coder
  • Desiccant feeder
  • Desiccant conveyor design
  • Air flusher
  • Air-pressed out sponge (rotary type for single mask packaging only)
  • Quick released pusher


Operating Speed20 - 150 pack/min
Bag Length80 - 300 mm
Max. Film Width320 mm
Max. Diameter300 mm
Product Width (max.)20 - 120 mm (50 - 150 mm)
Product Height (max.)50 mm (80 mm)
Machine DimensionsL: 2950 mm x W: 800 mm x H: 1520 mm
Machine Weight600 kgs 
Power220V Single Phase, 50/60Hz; 3-5Kw

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Cooler bag/ hand warmer

3D Masks packaging

Masks multipack (10pcs)

plastic tableware

single and 10pcs masks

rice noodle cake and seasoning sachet

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