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Hopak has been engaging in design, R&D, production, and sale business on "High Speed Horizontal Flow Wrapper" and Automation packaging line.

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  • Bakery Foods Packaging Machine
    Bakery Foods Packaging Machine

    For Soft but regular product (Such as cake, onigiri, hamburger, dorayaki etc.)

  • Cookies Packaging Machine
    Cookies Packaging Machine

    We have the best solution of any kinds of cookies. Whether it is strip, circle, thick or thin. The flow wrapper can be equipped with in-line feeder(smart belt) and combine to your former device to do the whole plant fully automatic packaging system. Also can use with the cookie magazine or feeding conveyor on edge to help you aligning the products.

  • Crisp Candy Packaging Machine
    Crisp Candy Packaging Machine

    Crisp Candy Packaging in Horizontal Flow Wrapper. Double-jaw end sealing part. Packaging speed can reach 200 pack/min.

  • Cup/ Small Cake Packaging Machine
    Cup/ Small Cake Packaging Machine

    A variety of cake packaging. Former baking section can combine with aligning conveyor and smart belt. Achieve automatically packaging, reduce labor pollution and increase productivity.

  • Moon Cake/Yolk Pastry Packaging Machine
    Moon Cake/Yolk Pastry Packaging Machine

    HOPAK moon cake, Chinese pastry packaging machine is suitable for high moisture content pastry, machine creates air tight packaging and options for auto feeding deoxidizer which great to extend shelf life. HOPAK machine with intelligence computer system and skilled design team provide flexible packaging choice for either single unit packaging, single tray or multi-pastries in tray packaging. Gusset device: two side tacking deice over end sealing creates better and tighter packaging result Gas flushing device: extruded oxygen leftover in the bag by intruded nitrogen gas Plastic tray feeder: auto feeding plastic tray increase efficiency Auto feeding options: smart belt design for easy feeding Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO): can print real-time and variable data or image onto flexible packaging film. Human interface control system and ergonomic design optimize the packaging process suitable for either small amount and verity or mass production. Hopak professional R&D , and sales team will provide packaging solution from cohesion production, in-line system, collecting output, metal detector, weight detector,etc., and cooperation with different system as CCD (Charge Coupled Device, labeler, TTO( thermal transfer process) and so on, the flow wrapper PLC can do online integration with other production line. For further information please contact us. Use D-cam sealing and gusseted device can make the packaging appearance tighter and more attractive.

  • Nougat Packaging Machine
    Nougat Packaging Machine

    Nougat Packaging. Use with centrifugal feeder, speed can up to 400 pack/min. Reduce labor costs and improve efficiency.

  • Sliced French Bread Packaging Machine
    Sliced French Bread Packaging Machine

    Sliced French bread packaging. Fully automatic packaging line. Use alignment conveyor and smart belt combine with former oven. Automatic aligning and feeding. Speed can over 150 pack/min.

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