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  • Auto Packaging System
    Auto Packaging System

    Automatic packaging system, reduce labor costs, productivity stable, continuing operations.In-Line Feeder offers high speed and flexibility to the packaging line. Multiple belt conveyor system with automatic control of the speed of each belt enhances the capacity and efficiency. The speed of ILF is synchronized to the flow wrapper by the vacuum belt driven by the servo motor. The system is used for high speed in-line feeding of regular shaped product such as cookies ,chocolate bars. etc.

  • Nutrition Bar and Chocolate Bar Packaging Machine
    Nutrition Bar and Chocolate Bar Packaging Machine

    Long style food packaging, such as nutrition bar and chocolate bar.Use with automatic alignment system can reduce labor costs and increase productivities.Can be installed water recycling system, ensure chocolate bar won't melt due to external factors.

  • Chocolate Packaging Machine
    Chocolate Packaging Machine

    Different kind of chocolate packaging. Such as square and ball shape chocolate.We offer a low-temperature packaging process, to ensure that a perfect shape of chocolate is maintained during the packaging process. And will not melt due to external factors.

  • Nougat Packaging Machine
    Nougat Packaging Machine

    Nougat Packaging. Use with centrifugal feeder, speed can up to 400 pack/min. Reduce labor costs and improve efficiency.

  • Ice Pop Packaging Machine
    Ice Pop Packaging Machine

    For the ice pop packaging's sanitation and cleaning. Conveyor contact surface is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is smoother and more difficult to cohere. It make the cleaning much easier and keep the packaging process's hygienic quality.Use with the automatic alignment feeding conveyor can reduce labor costs and increase productivity. If can combine with the production line, it can achieve fully automated production.

  • Aerosol Spray Packaging
    Aerosol Spray Packaging

    Aerosol spray packaging with alignment conveyor. Nozzle can be auto-fed by vibrating feeder.If you have shrinkable requirement, it can add the shrink equipment. Make the product packaging more attractive.

  • Soap Packaging Machine
    Soap Packaging Machine

    Soap packaging with in-line feeder. Feeding units are adjustable. Can be 1,2,3,4 soaps a pack. And also have several packs a cut function.

  • Staple Box Packaging Machine
    Staple Box Packaging Machine

    Staple box shrink packaging. With L-type in-line feeder, easy to discharge the staple box, smart product aligning. Improve efficiency and reduce the labor cost due to alignment.

  • Capsule Packaging Machine
    Capsule Packaging Machine

    Capsule packaging, can use with different feeding machine. Capsule, desiccant and instruction auto align&feed. Capsule feeder has counting device. Feeding units are adjustable.

Result 1 - 9 of 9

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