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  • Shrink Packaging Horizontal Flow Wrapper
    Shrink Packaging Horizontal Flow Wrapper

    Shrink film can make your product more attractive, and increase the moisture and dust resistance.

  • Vertical Sealed Shrink Packaging Horizontal Flow Wrapper
    Vertical Sealed Shrink Packaging Horizontal Flow Wrapper

    Use in vertical sealing product. Such as bottles and cans. Shrink packaging can increase appearance attractive.

  • Bowl Noodles Packaging
    Bowl Noodles Packaging

    Bowl noodles shrink packaging in horizontal flow wrapper. Make attractive appearance.

  • Cup Noodles Packaging
    Cup Noodles Packaging

    Cup noodles shrink packaging, can make packaging appearance more attractive.Shrink packaging machine include film retrieval device. Can remove the remaining back sealing.

  • Fermented Milk Packaging
    Fermented Milk Packaging

    Fermented milk packaging, such as yakult and vitagen. Use vertical sealing mechanism and assistance transporting sponge conveyor, make the fermented milk have a perfect packaging form.

  • Aerosol Spray Packaging
    Aerosol Spray Packaging

    Aerosol spray packaging with alignment conveyor. Nozzle can be auto-fed by vibrating feeder.If you have shrinkable requirement, it can add the shrink equipment. Make the product packaging more attractive.

  • Staple Box Packaging
    Staple Box Packaging

    Staple box shrink packaging. With L-type in-line feeder, easy to discharge the staple box, smart product aligning. Improve efficiency and reduce the labor cost due to alignment.

Result 1 - 7 of 7

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