Paper Towels/ Paper Roll Fully Automatic Static-Seal Shrink packaging line

Mask Packaging Machine

Mask Packaging Machine

Medical Mask (Surgical Mask) as the key role to protect us from gem and virus infection. Single or multi masks a bag will prevent the mask from transportation pollution.


Paper Towels/ Paper Roll Fully Automatic Static-Seal Shrink packaging line | Packaging Machine Manufacturer - Hopak Machinery

Based in Taiwan, HOPAK MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a Paper Towels/ Paper Roll Fully Automatic Static-Seal Shrink packaging line | packaging machine manufacturer with over 20 years of experiences. The packing machine including automatic packaging equipment, seal packaging machines and flow wrapper machines, which are certified to meet international standards.

Cost-saving, 24hr, auto loading and feeding, horizontal and vertical packaging machines for your selection. High performance packaging machine packs medical supplies, fresh and frozen food, aswell as non food items.

Hopak Machinery has been offering a wide variety of material packaging with their functional packaging equipment and great after-sales service, since 1993.

Paper Towels/ Paper Roll Fully Automatic Static-Seal Shrink packaging line


HOPAK Shrink wrapper (overlap static) is designed for high speed shrink packaging with POF film. The line is high proficiency and cost saving as less material waste and higher packaging speed. The overlap seal brings seamless fin seal which evaluate the product value.

BETTER: With overlap static seal, the product not only look better but also easy to open which can boost customer experience.

FASTER. CHEAPER: 33% less energy usage, and 58% efficiency increase.

Customize automation feeding and packaging line

Raw paper roll cut and slitting (client’s)

→Smart Belt feeding (accumulating and separate into single unit via sensor)

→Hot glue spray

→High Speed friction feeder (servo motor drive, precise positioning)

→HOPAK Shrink static overlap seal Wrapper (USA SIMCO static generator)

→Hot Shrink Tunnel (high speed for single unit pouch)

→Flip up unit ( upright the paper roll)

→2nd packaging alignment (aligned into 2 lane with cylinder. Rejection arm will guide pouch no need to 2nd packed to be exit)

→Double lane (2*3) paper towels arrangement into L sealer for 2nd packaging

→Hot Shrink Tunnel (2nd package)

→Exit for cartooning

High Speed Friction Feeder

Servo driving for accurate and stable

Variable size feeding acceptable

Easy and quick set up


  • Durable, high productivity and low-noise by 4independent servo motors with electronic control enable 24hours nonstop high speed packaging.
  • User-friendly human / machine interface control with 10.4inch colorful monitor and Dialogue type screen provides maximum operational convenience and is easy to learn.
  • Auto splicer for POF, printed film accepted
  • Static overlap seal without the trimming and recycled waste process. Level up the package speed and lower the material waste
  • Japan SMC Cylinder / Germany SICK sensor /TECO Servo Motor
  • Sandwich style sponge assistance belt conveyor with air-suction to precise the feeding position
  • No Product No Seal (No empty bag)
  • No Gap No Seal (Protect machine and product)

Applicable Packaging Products

  • Kitchen Paper Towel packaging line
  • Kitchen Paper Towel Turnkey Solution
  • Packaging Turnkey Solution
  • Static lap seal

Optional Accessories

  • Date coder.
  • Stainless steel machine frame.
  • Sheet Feeder.
  • CE or UL standards.


Speed50 - 120 pack/min
Bag length100 - 500 mm
Max. Film Width
(max. roll dia.)
450 or 600 mm (300 mm)
Product Width20-120 / 50-150 / 80-230 / 110-270 (mm)
Product Height100 mm

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