Shrink Packaging Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Auto Packaging System

Auto Packaging System

Automatic packaging system, reducing labor costs, increasing productivity stable, and 24hr continuous operating.

Auto-Loading Cartoner Machine

Auto-Loading Cartoner Machine

Auto-feeding cartoner. Carton can give product the high economic value and protect the content.


Shrink Packaging Horizontal Flow Wrapper | Packaging Machine Manufacturer - Hopak Machinery

Based in Taiwan, HOPAK MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a Shrink Packaging Horizontal Flow Wrapper | packaging machine manufacturer with over 20 years of experiences. The packing machine including automatic packaging equipment, seal packaging machines and flow wrapper machines, which are certified to meet international standards.

Cost-saving, 24hr, auto loading and feeding, horizontal and vertical packaging machines for your selection. High performance packaging machine packs medical supplies, fresh and frozen food, aswell as non food items.

Hopak Machinery has been offering a wide variety of material packaging with their functional packaging equipment and great after-sales service, since 1993.

Shrink Packaging Horizontal Flow Wrapper


HP-450HS / HP-600HS

Shrink film can make your product more attractive, and increase the moisture and dust resistance.


  • High temperature melts end sealing and fin sealing.
  • The bottom sealing wheel equipped with an edge trimming and film retrieval device for ensure the sealing without burrs.
  • Product misplace machine will auto stop to protect the cutter and the product.
  • Film unwinding design for easy film tension adjustment.
  • Optional sealing format of pillow pack or three sides sealing.
  • Equipped with photocell for the eye mark tracing control.

Applicable Packaging Products

  • Instant bowl noodles, tape, insecticides, aerosol cans, books, CDs, jelly, pudding and other similar products.

Optional Accessories

  • Date coder.
  • Stainless steel machine frame.
  • CE or UL standards.


Operating Speed20 - 120 pack/min
Bag Length90 - 360 mm
Max Film Width
(max. roll dia.)
450 or 600 mm (300 mm)
Product Width (max.)20 - 120 mm (50 - 150 mm) or 80 - 230 mm (110 - 270 mm)
Product Height100 mm
Heater800W for center sealer / 1200W for end sealer

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