Chocolate Packaging

Mask Packaging Machine

Mask Packaging Machine

Medical Mask (Surgical Mask) as the key role to protect us from gem and virus infection. Single or multi masks a bag will prevent the mask from transportation pollution.

Auto-Loading Cartoner Machine

Auto-Loading Cartoner Machine

Auto-feeding cartoner. Carton can give product the high economic value and protect the content.


Chocolate Packaging | Packaging Machine Manufacturer - Hopak Machinery

Based in Taiwan, HOPAK MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a Chocolate Packaging | packaging machine manufacturer with over 20 years of experiences. The packing machine including automatic packaging equipment, seal packaging machines and flow wrapper machines, which are certified to meet international standards.

Cost-saving, 24hr, auto loading and feeding, horizontal and vertical packaging machines for your selection. High performance packaging machine packs medical supplies, fresh and frozen food, aswell as non food items.

Hopak Machinery has been offering a wide variety of material packaging with their functional packaging equipment and great after-sales service, since 1993.

Chocolate Packaging

Different kind of chocolate packaging. Such as square and ball shape chocolate.

We offer a low-temperature packaging process, to ensure that a perfect shape of chocolate is maintained during the packaging process. And will not melt due to external factors.

Similar Products

  • Square chocolate.
  • Chocolate ball.

Optional Accessories

  • In-line Feeder
  • Water Recycling Cooling System.
  • Automatic Packaging System.

Chocolate Automatic Packaging System. Use Machine:HP-350-4V.

Square-shape Chocolate Packaging. Single Pack, Double-jaw. Use Machine:HP-350I.

Chocolate Ball Packaging. Single Pack, Double-jaw. Use Machine:HP-350I.

  • Compact Horizontal Flow Wrapper
    Compact Horizontal Flow Wrapper

    Economical flow wrapper. Suitable for single and small product.

  • Standard Horizontal Flow Wrapper
    Standard Horizontal Flow Wrapper

    Have electronic display screen. Easy to operate.

  • Human Interface Horizontal Flow Wrapper
    Human Interface Horizontal Flow Wrapper

    Have micro-computer interface. Can record your packaging data. Easy to adjust.

  • 3-axis Servo Horizontal Flow Wrapper
    3-axis Servo Horizontal Flow Wrapper

    3-axis servo flow wrapper. Seal data, product data can be recorded. Adjusting is simple and fast.

  • 4-axis Servo Horizontal Flow Wrapper
    4-axis Servo Horizontal Flow Wrapper

    4-axis servo flow wrapper. Can record wrap tension, sealing data and product data. Adjusting is humanize and fast.

  • Auto Packaging System
    Auto Packaging System

    Automatic packaging system, reduce labor costs, productivity stable, continuing operations.In-Line Feeder offers high speed and flexibility to the packaging line. Multiple belt conveyor system with automatic control of the speed of each belt enhances the capacity and efficiency. The speed of ILF is synchronized to the flow wrapper by the vacuum belt driven by the servo motor. The system is used for high speed in-line feeding of regular shaped product such as cookies ,chocolate bars. etc.

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