Scouring/Sponge Pad Packaging Machine

sponge.png / Hopak has been engaging in design, R&D, production, and sale business on "High Speed Horizontal Flow Wrapper" and Automation packaging line.

Mask Packaging Machine

Mask Packaging Machine

Medical Mask (Surgical Mask) as the key role to protect us from gem and virus infection. Single or multi masks a bag will prevent the mask from transportation pollution.


Scouring/Sponge Pad Packaging Machine | Packaging Machine Manufacturer - Hopak Machinery

Based in Taiwan, HOPAK MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a Scouring/Sponge Pad Packaging Machine | packaging machine manufacturer with over 30 years of experiences. The packing machine including automatic packaging equipment, seal packaging machines and flow wrapper machines, which are certified to meet international standards.

Cost-saving, 24hr, auto loading and feeding, horizontal and vertical packaging machines for your selection. High performance packaging machine packs medical supplies, fresh and frozen food, aswell as non food items.

Hopak Machinery has been offering a wide variety of material packaging with their functional packaging equipment and great after-sales service, since 1992.

Scouring/Sponge Pad Packaging Machine


Scouring pads
Scouring pads

HOPAK scrub sponge packaging machine is suitable for single unit to group packaging (10pcs) scrub sponge packaging and optional for standard pillow type or shrink film packaging style, based on clients need option for different accessory device as euro hanging hole, labeler and date coder etc. Besides the single manual feeding machine HOPAK can integrate with producing line and design the best packaging solution.

All the product contact area is SUS or food degree. Human interface control system and ergonomic design optimize the packaging process suitable for either small amount and verity or mass production. Hopak professional R&D , and sales team will evaluated your need and provide the best packaging solution also provide in-time after service after purchase.


  • Key in bag length and product length, computer will auto calculate feeding position
  • Overload protection function to prevent parts and product from being damage in advance.
  • No product no bag (no empty bag)
  • No Gap No seal function, prevent machine cut product.
  • Safety covers, machine stop when opened cover
  • Human interface touch screen with 100setes of memory and work resume.
  • All product contact area with SUS304 (allowed to provide Material Certificate)
  • Pusher material as POM (Approved by SGS for FDA standard.)
  • Apply with food degree Mobil lubrication.(Option)

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Optional Accessories

  • hanging hole
  • shrinking film packaging
  • labeler
  • date coder

Scrub sponges and scouring pads packaging


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